Resolve to read these books in 2016

As for me, I’ve made a life change: traded resolutions for goals.  But let’s be honest…most people still use the word resolution when they make that decision to do things differently each year.  In my case, I read these great books last year, so I’m passing them on to you to put on your MUST […]

Family Time: Take it back in 2016!

What a glorious few weeks of family time we had over the holidays!  We hosted friends and family Christmas Eve for church, along with traditional “Advent Book” reading and Chicken Pot Pie dinner.  Christmas day we played games, watched movies, took walks, ate too much. We also had the abundant blessing of skiing/boarding in the […]

Life is Short: Will you Change Yours?

17 years have passed since we lost our beloved brother.  And then this!  Watch the video from Seasonings this week to hear the amazing story, and how it might just change your life. (We are working to fix the issue of the auto focus in this video for our next installment.)   Session Notes: “Life […]

How to survive your kid’s last days before College

I’m fully ensnared in a “love-hate relationship” right now.  Most days, I could be confused with a character from an Italian Opera or a Shakespeare play,  recanting “Please don’t leave me!”  followed the next minute by “No, you must go!” You see, my son is leaving for College in just 3 days.  But I’m not […]

Fruits of Haiti: Patience.

The sun was barely hovering above the horizon as the plane crept slowly along the tarmac awaiting take-off.  In the 45 minutes it took to make its way to the runway, I dozed in my seat, my head bobbing involuntarily toward my chest.  In my half-conscious state, I realized we were finally gathering speed.  40, […]