Finding truth from God amidst terrible pain.

truth shall make you free

We received horrible news this week.  Dear friends of ours lost their 25 year old son, tragically and unexpectedly.  My kids grew up with this family.  We cherish them – each and every one: from the Mother who was instrumental in leading me to Christ, to the Father who is mentor and co-marathoner with my […]

Why you need to encourage someone today.

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I had been doing that thing again.  You know, doubting God’s plan for me and the ministry he has called me to.  I’d also been mentally chasing dollar bills in my mind – thinking how much “easier” it would be to go get a paycheck somewhere else.  Add to that, we’ve had to make some […]

3 Questions you should ask before reaching the breaking point

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School has begun with a vengeance and I’m busy playing catch up, as I try to balance activity driving, sports, Team Mom duties, Committee Chair commitments and my own writing and speaking ministry.  Oh, yeah, and my family needs to eat on occasion. The list of items I’ve fallen behind on is growing daily, as […]

Lessons from Haiti: Unison


The room was roughly 30′ x 20′, boasting a bright orange tiled floor with a blue fish pattern imprinted throughout, stilled ceiling fans overhead and 4 rows of small, white, metal cribs with narrow walkways in between.   But nothing in the room compared to the beautiful brown-skinned faces of the babies, outfitted in purple and […]

Lessons from Haiti: Hard, but Holy


Many people cannot fathom traveling to a 3rd world country, much less ministering to the people there.  To be honest, I couldn’t imagine myself doing it either.  As a “newbie” Christian, I often heard about the plight of the poor in places like Africa and India, and the hardships they faced – AIDS, Slavery, Illness, […]

Lessons from Haiti: “Wi!”


Our first day in Haiti we went into Cite Soleil, which is considered the poorest slum in the Western Hemisphere, to deliver free water to its residents. There are an estimated 300,000 people living there and they have no running water, sewer system or basic infrastructure. Most people who live there make less than $2 […]

I’m Haiti bound. You can be too.


The malaria pills have been started. The donation suitcases have been packed.  The bug lotion has been purchased.  The passports are ready.  The flights confirmed. The anticipation co-mingles with anxiety, topped off by a healthy dose of prayer. In just 4 days, 17 of us will meet at the airport at 3:45 a.m. to head […]

What do Lenny and Lucy have to do with it?

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I’m in the middle of an online writing course called “The Story Cartel” conducted by Joe Bunting.  Admittedly, summer has me by the shorts and won’t let go, so I’m a bit behind.  Thank goodness it’s online and I can play catch up.  Our first assignment based on the lesson “Your story was meant to […]

Our relationship like God should look nothing like social media.

When we think about our relationship with God, we must ask ourselves, do we communicate with him the way we use social media?

  • Is it like a tweet: where we reach out in short urgent messages?
  • Is it like facebook: where we give him a highlight reel of our “best of” life?
  • Is it like instagram: where we show him perfect pictures of what we think our life should look like?
  • Is it like a snap chat: where it’s now you see me, now you don’t?

Our relationship with God should be more like a good novel: long, intimate, always developing, full of word pictures that are well thought out. It should be an evolution of getting to know him – and him us.  Constant, and filled with all things, joy, struggle and true insight into who we are and what we are working on with Him.

Don’t sell yourself, or God, short. Take time to really be with him, not just give him an abbreviated, glorified version of yourself and your life.