Take it off! Ditch the world’s labels and wear God’s

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All the world’s a label these days.  We label conditions with words like ADHD, anxiety disorder, hyperactive.  We label women with words like stay-at-home-mom, working mom, dance mom, helicopter mom.  We label personality types with words like type A, sanguine, choleric, Achiever. We label kids with words like braniacs, popular kids, jocks, nerds, geeks, drama […]

Getting out of the place called doubt


Yesterday I was working on my book when I was overcome with feelings of doubt.  Why am I even writing this?  Will anyone read it?  Surely there’s other, better resources out there.  No one needs my book.  And by the way, I’m a terrible writer.  Who would publish this?  I wonder. Do you have your own vulnerable spots […]

Vlog: How can you Love Your Neighbor?

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I promised I was going to share a blog that helped you with exact ways you can love your neighbor.  This is the first installment of an ongoing video series I will be doing in the months to come with simple, do-able ways to begin loving your neighbor for all you that want to know! I […]

The Thief of Comparison


It’s not news to anyone that we spend inordinate amounts of time online these days…which can lead to dissatisfaction with our own lives in comparison to the false perceptions of someone’s reality (however carefully chosen).  There are times I am set free when I see a post or photo of a friend without make up […]

Love Your Neighbor Soup… and my secret ingredient.


In my recent vlog about why you need to love your neighbor, I promised I would tell you how!  One of the ways I love my neighbor that’s proven the most successful is to bring them food.  Whether they have had surgery, death of a loved one, a new baby, a new house, a bad day, I’ve never yet found a […]

Vlog: Why love your neighbor as yourself?

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“Love your neighbor as yourself” is a complex phrase that troubles many people.  When pressed by the Pharisees, it’s mentioned by Jesus as one of the two most important things we are to do.  If it’s that important to him, why not us? If you’re not sure why you are to love your neighbor, I […]

One important lesson I learned through grief.

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Kelley was my person.  We spent just about every Wednesday together for years. Walking in the neighborhood, around the track, on the treadmill, by the lake.  If she was sick or if my back was hurting, we’d walk slowly. If the stars aligned and we felt good at the same time, we’d walk quickly.  Some days we […]

Life is Short: Will you Change Yours?


17 years have passed since we lost our beloved brother.  And then this!  Watch the video from Seasonings this week to hear the amazing story, and how it might just change your life. (We are working to fix the issue of the auto focus in this video for our next installment.)   Session Notes: “Life […]