For what is it your time?

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For over a decade, I have fought against the notion that I’m not good enough.  As a stay at home Mom, and wannabe author and very part-time speaker, if you named it, I felt like I didn’t have it— experience, graduate education, know-how, accolades, awards, degrees.   As a woman in the Christian Speaking World, […]

An unlikely confession about worry.

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It was during worship.  One of those, “you should really pull out your phone and write this down so you don’t forget this” kind of moments.  But, I couldn’t because we were singing, so I tried with all my might to remember it to ponder later. (Between 40 and 50 the whole gotta write it […]

Caregiving and the importance of caring for yourself along the way.

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I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Ginny Priz as part of her 10-day video interview series called, “Beauty from the Ashes.”  In this segment, we discuss caregiving.  Specifically, the importance of caring for ourselves in the midst of caring for others.  I hope you will be blessed by the truth found within…that […]

What I learned from a dying woman in Haiti.


Her frail body lay motionless, but I could not mistake the pleading in her eyes.  Her arms were no larger than the width of two of my fingers side by side.  I could have fit both of her ankles in the singular grasp of just one of my hands.  I could feel every single one […]

Resolve to read these books in 2016

For the Love Book

As for me, I’ve made a life change: traded resolutions for goals.  But let’s be honest…most people still use the word resolution when they make that decision to do things differently each year.  In my case, I read these great books last year, so I’m passing them on to you to put on your MUST […]

Family Time: Take it back in 2016!

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What a glorious few weeks of family time we had over the holidays!  We hosted friends and family Christmas Eve for church, along with traditional “Advent Book” reading and Chicken Pot Pie dinner.  Christmas day we played games, watched movies, took walks, ate too much. We also had the abundant blessing of skiing/boarding in the […]

Love Your Neighbor Christmas Fudge

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Over the years, my Mom’s Fudge has become renowned.  At least to those people lucky enough to get it delivered to their door at Christmas time.  Since my kids were little, I carried on the tradition of making Christmas fudge for others – teachers, neighbors, friends, family, doctors, dentists, pretty much anyone within arms reach […]

Live Like Jesus

Live Like Jesus

Yesterday marked my last Seasonings with Sarah live event.   It was wrought with emotion for me, but I also faced a bizarre episode of gout in my foot less than 12 hours before I was supposed to present this message.  Faithful praying friends walked beside me and a last minute video doctor visit allowed […]