Getting unstuck: A story of Victory


“I really enjoy reading your articles, and some speak louder to me than others. Some I am not comfortable replying to, but this one I must, as I am so stuck! There are so many things on my list and yet I am so afraid to do them. I keep praying for direction about what […]

3 Insights for facing challenges


I was almost finished.  Sweat dripped from beneath my sunglasses, and my legs were getting weak, but I pressed onward. I was anxious to get relief from the high-elevation sun, so when I saw it I silently mused, “This is no time for ‘revelation’ I need to get home!” I continued on behind him, perusing […]

How to run the road we’re called to travel.

photo courtesy of @maurice 120

I’m having a great time this week reading Ephesians 4 in the Message translation.  You heard me right – I’m having a GREAT time!  I cannot believe how one chapter of scripture can be so chock full of personal application.  I found message after message meant for me, and for you too, if you’re striving […]

We won’t be shaken.


I’m not gonna lie.  There are times I just feel overwhelmed by the sorrow and tragedy that faces us each day on this Earth. A month ago, a friend’s husband died from ALS. This week, a friend passed away after succumbing to complications from alcoholism.  A different friend recently rejected an intervention and is back […]

Tempted to quit? Don’t.

photo courtesy of @ Thomas Debray

At one time or another, we all want to quit.  Our job.  Our marriage.  Parenting difficult children.  Working on hard relationships.  Following what God’s called us to do.  Putting ourselves out there and risking disappointment or failure. The other day I found myself saying to my husband, “Things would be so much easier if I […]

The secret ingredient in my Soup

photo courtesy of @hisks

Just last night I made a pot of soup for dinner.  Now some of you know this soup is no ordinary soup, perhaps because you’ve heard of its notoriety, perhaps because you’ve eaten it yourself. But you ought to know: there is something in the soup. I never make just enough for my family.  The […]

Why you should turn your phone off. {Part 2}

Photo courtesy of @Gogumir

I remember the look on her face like it was yesterday.  She appeared to have taken the news of my 24 hour “sanication” respite as if she was just told I was heading to Mars on a Spaceship.  Apparently, for some, the thought of being alone, or maybe the thought of no phone, is quite […]