Vlog: Why love your neighbor as yourself?

“Love your neighbor as yourself” is a complex phrase that troubles many people.  When pressed by the Pharisees, it’s mentioned by Jesus as one of the two most important things we are to do.  If it’s that important to him, why not us? If you’re not sure why you are to love your neighbor, I lay out several reasons in the video below.

Question: Why do you think you should love your neighbor as yourself? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Video Summary

Why love your neighbor as yourself? 

3  Reasons:

  1.  It’s Biblical – Matthew 22:36-40
  2. It’s Essential  – Matthew 9:37
  3. It’s Life-Changing

Sarah Beckman inspires people from the stage and on the page. She is the bestselling author of Alongside: A Practical Guide for Loving your Neighbor in their Time of Trial, which is filled with practical tools to love people well in the rough patches of life. Sarah speaks to audiences across the country on topics such as loving your neighbor, sharing your faith, safeguarding your marriage and digging up your talents.

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6 thoughts on “Vlog: Why love your neighbor as yourself?

  1. Hi Sarah,

    I loved listening to this Vlog and it was something I definitely needed to hear again today. I can’t wait for your next one…I think you shared with us the “how” when I have heard you speak in the past. Do you have any suggestions into how to implement this “love your neighbor” stuff with someone that you do not have a good relationship with or where there are past hurts and you have gone virtually gone separate ways? I have a new situation on the horizon and I am trying to figure out an appropriate way to respond to an individual I literally have not spoken to in recent years. I do not want to bring up past hurts, get a door slammed in my face, or just be “ignored” by attempting a phone call. These are all valid reasons for my quest for assistance. Thanks 😉

    • Laura, Such great questions you raise. My first response is earnestly pray that God would help you love the “unlovable” person or the one who you’ve had past hurts with. One time I prayed for 40 days (not perfectly, but way more often than I would have if I hadn’t committed to pray for that person) for a tough neighbor situation. I didn’t like the person cuz they didn’t like me. God moved mountains in that relationship I never could have moved in years on my own. We became friends, and he used our family in their lives greatly. It had to start with me asking him to help me love them “like he loves them”. It was so not of me, it was of God. Even try for 7 days or 3x a day for certain number of days. God wants us to be his witnesses, and when we’re asking him to help us do what we don’t want to do, he really steps in I have found. It’s for Him, not us, or our benefit.

      I truly believe when it comes to the hard parts of loving our neighbor we are often more afraid of the outcome than the reality of it ever proves out. I remember one time God clearly laid it on my heart to share the gospel with a neighbor. And it was a super inconvenient time, and super stressful fear of rejection on my part. I just kept thinking, I’m operating out of genuine love, and not my own agenda. I am a “living sacrifice” and I want to do what God wants. I also tried to imagine the very WORST outcomes, and those weren’t really as bad as the fear I had of not doing what I KNEW God was asking me to do. : ) I would go forward in grace and love, and forgiveness if you feel God is calling you to love and restoration. He WILL equip you. Just trust him to do “immeasurably more than all you can ask or imagine” but “wear love, it’s your basic all purpose garment.” Keep me posted or email me directly at sarah@sarahbeckman.org if you have more questions or follow up. Blessings as you follow his greatest command to love the hard to love!

  2. Hi Sarah, I used to work with you at Bader Rutter in WI. I just wanted to “love my neighbor” and tell you I really love to read what you write about. The last one about the grief you felt after loosing your friend was beautifuly written. You inspire me to work a little harder on my relationship with God. Thanks!

    • Suzanne, Of course! I am delighted you stopped by…I remember the last time we visited by FB message – and I’m so glad that you are still reading and that God is speaking to you through my blog. We can all work a little harder, but truth is, God loves us just the exact way we are and we put so much performance pressure on ourselves he never intended. Love God, Love our Neighbor! When we focus on that stuff, the rest falls into place. Sounds simple, but of course, harder to achieve
      You blessed me so much with your comments. THANK YOU!