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Sample Sessions/Topics:

Alongside Keynote –  for all audiences

  • People want to care, but they don’t always know how to express that care when someone they love is facing a hardship in their life.  Alongside is filled with practical ways to show your support—no matter the crisis.   In this keynote, Sarah illuminates key principles from her bestselling book, Alongside: A Practical Guide for Loving your Neighbor in their time of Trial. Your audience will discover who they are to help, and tangible ways to do so.  They will also learn the biggest mistake people make and the best way to combat it.  This session is jam packed with actionable content that EVERYONE can apply immediately.   Check out the book page to read rave reviews on the book or to learn more.

Launching a new Care Team, our congregation needed a shot in the arm. We needed someone to inspire and equip our caring and gifted men and women for the work ahead. Sarah Beckman delivered. Her hands-on experience combined with her heart-felt teaching and storytelling got our Care Team supercharged. Candie Blankman
Pastor of Discipleship, Care and Engagement, San Clemente Presbyterian Church

For Women – individual sessions

  • “Loving Your Neighbor: A modern guide to an ancient command”

    In today’s busy world it seems harder than ever to find ways to “love our neighbors as ourselves.”  Even though Jesus commands it in scripture, from Leviticus to Galatians,  many don’t know where to begin. I will walk you through three practical methods, including cooking, praying and doing what you love, that will illustrate how you can get started.   I will also share ups and downs with my extensive personal experience and my passion for reaching others.  You will leave this session equipped and inspired to obey this command, not just read it.

  • “Digging up your Talents”

    (Also part of a Weekend Retreat Experience, See “TREASURE”)
    This compelling, visually aided presentation is based on Matthew 25.  As we go deeper into this passage, I teach about the different types of talents and give you 4 reasons God wants you to dig them up – not bury them!  The reasons we explore are: God doesn’t want you to be afraid to use them, hide them, compare them to others’ or miss the blessing of using our gifts.  With shovel in hand, I will bring you renewed encouragement to get digging!  This session is loaded with personal application and depth – you will never look at a shovel the same again.

  • “Faith at Home”

    In this session, I unwrap the mystery of the wisdom found in Deuteronomy 6:4-9. Through this passage, we discover 3 methods to “impress” faith in your children’s lives which come direct from the text: Tie, Bind and Write.   These easily achievable methods will become a solid foundation for your family as you understand the modern day relevance of this Old Testament teaching.

Women’s Retreats


Walk the journey of Psalm 46:10 in a 2-4 Session Weekend Retreat.  (Each session may also stand alone.)

  1. “Your Presence is Present Enough”  Step out of the traffic of your daily life and walk alongside me as I lead you beside still waters.  You will learn to be still by adding 4 key “BE-haviors” – be content, be present, be listening and be quiet, to your daily journey with God.  We will seek God’s wisdom on each of these behaviors by looking to scriptures that support them.  This session is 45 minutes in duration and I have optional study session material for a quiet time follow-up that can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour in length.
  2. “How can you know me? Let me show you the ways…” Examine what it means to truly KNOW God and learn the ways he reveals himself to us.  This session involves biblical discovery of various Gospel lessons as well as Psalm 46 to illustrate knowing God through his teaching, his voice and his character.
  3. “I AM GOD…you’re not!” Consider what it means to let God be God in your life by avoiding 3 major detours we commonly take.  As we dive into Exodus 14 and Psalm 46, I will illuminate the detours of worry, fear and self-control in our lives.   With a visually “arresting” presentation, replete with caution tape, traffic vest and orange cones, I will make you laugh, cry and want to become a traffic cop all at the same time!
Great Women’s Retreat! Thanks for sharing your wisdom, faith and humor at the women’s retreat at El Porvenir Christian Camp. The teaching sessions were excellent. After many years of retreats and learning situations, I enjoyed your energetic and heartfelt approach to sharing God’s Word.’ Mindy Briggs
Washington Avenue Christian Church, Amarillo, TX


Join me as I uncover the Treasure found within the text of Matthew 25.  You will come away renewed and encouraged to “start digging” as over the course of 3 sessions you will learn:

  1. “Becoming God’s Treasure” – Many times we are given negative labels by the world that separate us from one another and from what God thinks of us.  When we “wear” those labels, we aren’t living fully as God intends.  You will learn about 3 labels God wants you to wear: wonderful, loved, forgiven and the supporting scripture.  There is also an interactive element to this session.
  2. The Treasure Giver”We understand God as our Treasure Giver by learning 3 valuable lessons found within the 3 parables of Matthew 25.  Each parable allows us to further understand His desire for how we live fully during our time on Earth.
  3. “Digging up Your Treasure” –  The Parable of the Talents serves as the foundation for this session.  We uncover 4 reasons why God wants us to dig up our treasure.  With visual encouragement, this session is a crowd favorite as attendees learn why they should get their shovels out and start digging.

For Couples

  • “SAFEguarding Your Marriage”  with Craig and Sarah Beckman

    Join the many men and women whose marriages have been changed, and challenged, by this full weekend retreat or one-hour session.  We disarm the audience as we use humor, personal examples, biblical foundations and reliable resources to illuminate the investments you can make to protect and strengthen your marriage.  Craig’s corporate experience will help any husband feel at home, and Sarah’s passion for teaching shines through as they share personal experience and insight.  This is not your typical “churchy” marriage talk!

    Equally well-loved when presented by Sarah to women alone, this session can be modified accordingly for your women’s group.

    We were blessed to have Sarah and Craig as keynote speakers for our Marriage event. Their teaching is practical and honest with humor and vulnerability woven in. The principles are biblically based and give every couple things to think about and put into action to strengthen and safeguard their marriage. We can’t wait to have them back. Received so many requests by our guests to let them know when their next event would be. We highly recommend. Julie Gacek
    Redeemed Farm Event Manager, Scandia MN

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