Rough waters in the New Year? Here’s to righting the ship.

As I mentioned in my last post, 2015 didn’t start too well for me.  When I shared my struggles, I received overwhelming feedback from those who felt the same way, and needed encouragement from others.  I was understood – and supported.  And it made a world of difference to me.  Thank you.

I have been working hard to set a new course for 2015 since I committed to righting the ship in that post.  I’ve been giving myself permission to grieve my puppy (and even look at a few adoptable dogs online).  I’ve been spending more time with God, reminding myself what He thinks of me.  I’m silencing the voice of comparison.  Taking negative thoughts captive.  And after admitting my problem, I’ve been intentional about finding solutions.

The seas are still rough, but as I begin the journey I’m reminded that God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and self-discipline.  And the other part of that is to stand firm in truth.

I know my God is full of grace.

The same day as my last post, I was supposed to attend Michael Hyatt’s webinar, “Get What You Want This Year.”  I logged in late and the call was full!  I was so disappointed until I learned they added another one, so I promptly signed up.

On the call the next morning I found out they were giving away a FREE VIP membership for Michael’s latest course, “5 Days to your Best Year Ever.”  Boy could I use that!

During the webinar, I was praying about if I could afford the Best Year Ever membership.  I know from experience any offering of Michael’s is worth the investment, but I couldn’t afford the expense. I had just paid off several investments and my business was finally in the black.  I just didn’t want to start the New Year in the red.

I silently thought during the call, “Lord, I could really use this class. It would be amazing to WIN and then I wouldn’t have to go into debt and I could make this a better year than last.”

Then 1 hr 27 mins into the webinar I heard this: The winner is Sarah Beckman!

I couldn’t believe my ears.  There were hundreds of people on the call.  And they picked my name! I started screaming in my little home office (which is a corner of my bedroom) and tears filled my eyes.  I WON!  I felt a little silly dancing here all by myself…but I did it anyway.

After I calmed down some, I realized this wasn’t coincidence.  It was sweet grace poured out on a hurting soul who needed this major dose of encouragement.  God heard my silent prayer!

It sure was a huge gift from Michael Hyatt and his team, but it was also a sweet, undeserved blessing, from a loving God who knew what I needed that very day.  He blessed me in a way I would know without a doubt it was His hand.

How personal and full of grace is our God!

This coming Saturday, I’m doing the 1/2 day version of the course with my husband.  Making the most of the gift that’s been given.

Can you remember a time when God sweetly showed you grace?  How does remembering change your today?

(Note: “5 Days to your Best Year Ever” Course is closed for 2015.  I hope you’ll consider it next year!)

Another truth I am realizing is I don’t always give myself enough credit.

After I publicly admitted my disappointment with last year, I decided to assess 2014 with a focus on the positive instead of the negative.  It took me over a week to do it, but I sat with paper and pen in hand, 2014 iCalendar open and took an honest look at accomplishments and happenings – instead of failures.

I was surprised in 2 ways by the outcome.

First, I achieved far more than I remembered.  And I had forgotten how many of those to-do’s involved emotional and difficult challenges.  Also, we had a heavy dose of family vacations, which took lots of time, but was also intentional as my son graduates from HS this year.

Second, an honest look back has helped me see where my priorities were, and ask myself if that’s where I want the same priorities placed this year.

And I’m perfectly set up to get the most out of the Best Year Ever course when I begin this weekend.


Where do you need to give yourself credit?  Maybe you should make a “look-back” at 2014 list too!

I’m also faced with this often difficult truth, I’m in charge of my own health and wellness.

When I stepped on the scale and saw a 15 lb increase from the start of last year, I was disappointed.  But I know that’s a result of my decisions, no one else’s.  In the past, I was successful losing unwanted weight with the app  My Fitness Pal, an online calorie counting tool.  It’s easy to use, versatile for phones, iPads, computer, and the awesome little bar code scanner makes it a breeze to log many of the foods you eat in a given day.  Not to mention the substantial list of foods already listed in the program, and it maintains a list of everything you’ve eaten before.  It also connects to many exercise apps and immediately enters your calories burned!  There’s also a handy nutrition tally that shows all the carbs, sugars, proteins, fat etc in every food and as a daily total.

So to get started toward a happier, healthier eating me, I reloaded the app on my phone 8 days ago and went back to intentional, healthy grocery shopping.

One week in, and I’m already feeling a significant change.  I’m walking, eating better foods, making informed choices again and the unwanted weight is starting to come off.  I also know this journey is easier with accountability and friends alongside.

Interested in taking a step toward health and wellness? Become my friend on my fitness pal @ User:sarahbeckman14

I want to say again, thank you to those who shared their thoughts about my last post.  It really impacted me.  When we are not alone, the world is an easier place to live.

I’m happy to be making changes in 2015 with you alongside.  And I’m here if you need me.

Question: What actions are you taking to right your ship in 2015? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Sarah Beckman inspires people from the stage and on the page. She is the bestselling author of Alongside: A Practical Guide for Loving your Neighbor in their Time of Trial, which is filled with practical tools to love people well in the rough patches of life. Sarah speaks to audiences across the country on topics such as loving your neighbor, sharing your faith, safeguarding your marriage and digging up your talents.

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6 thoughts on “Rough waters in the New Year? Here’s to righting the ship.

  1. Hi Sarah,

    So happy to hear that God is moving in your life and helping make 2015 go a little better.

    Do you have a Fitbit? I got one for Christmas and it’s AMAZING to help stay accountable. I love it! I am not good about putting in the food I eat so far but I believe that it also syncs w/ My Fitness Pal as well. You can add friends to that app as well…

    I love reading your blog, thanks for the post!

    • Laura,
      I don’t have a fitbit – have been looking at them though. Glad to know you love yours! Thanks for stopping by… I’m delighted to hear you are working on eating better – we are in this together!

  2. I too, joined Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever Class. So that is one thing I am doing.

    Another is that I am filling my head with positive messages on my drive to/from work. So I listen to Michael’s Podcasts, listen to Joel Osteen, listen to my local Christian radio station. Yes, I still listen to the news sometimes as well as traditional radio, but it helps to have something positive coming into my mind as well. Positive, faith based messages are a big part of how I keep my ship upright.

    • Mike, Thanks for the great insight. I pretty much always have Christian radio on in my car too! I just love it. Your thoughts are helpful reminders what we put in our minds MATTERS. I’ll look for you in BYE! (doing my 5 days today with my husband)