Caregiving and the importance of caring for yourself along the way.

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Ginny Priz as part of her 10-day video interview series called, “Beauty from the Ashes.”  In this segment, we discuss caregiving.  Specifically, the importance of caring for ourselves in the midst of caring for others.  I hope you will be blessed by the truth found within…that […]

Love Your Neighbor Christmas Fudge

Over the years, my Mom’s Fudge has become renowned.  At least to those people lucky enough to get it delivered to their door at Christmas time.  Since my kids were little, I carried on the tradition of making Christmas fudge for others – teachers, neighbors, friends, family, doctors, dentists, pretty much anyone within arms reach […]

Take it off! Ditch the world’s labels and wear God’s

All the world’s a label these days.  We label conditions with words like ADHD, anxiety disorder, hyperactive.  We label women with words like stay-at-home-mom, working mom, dance mom, helicopter mom.  We label personality types with words like type A, sanguine, choleric, Achiever. We label kids with words like braniacs, popular kids, jocks, nerds, geeks, drama […]