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A review of Michele Cushatt's new book, I Am

If I’m honest, I will tell you there is a hidden part of me that often screams like a two year old trying to get her parent’s attention, “Look at me! Do you see me? Are you proud of me?”  I wish I didn’t have this deep-seated, self-centered, approval-seeking character flaw. Wish even more I […]

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There were many times I wanted to quit. I was worried that I wouldn’t do justice to the countless stories people shared with me about their trials and how people were helpful, or even not-so-helpful, when they were facing hardship.  It seemed like such a tall order to compile their hard-won insights in a meaningful […]

Live Like Jesus

Yesterday marked my last Seasonings with Sarah live event.   It was wrought with emotion for me, but I also faced a bizarre episode of gout in my foot less than 12 hours before I was supposed to present this message.  Faithful praying friends walked beside me and a last minute video doctor visit allowed […]