Vlog: Why love your neighbor as yourself?

“Love your neighbor as yourself” is a complex phrase that troubles many people.  When pressed by the Pharisees, it’s mentioned by Jesus as one of the two most important things we are to do.  If it’s that important to him, why not us? If you’re not sure why you are to love your neighbor, I […]

3 Ways to be intentional today

I decided I am going to enter the age of video blogging – at least some of the time.  In case you don’t know these are called “Vlogs” (video blogs) and I’m a bit behind the times in not having any on my site. There are times when I have insights and don’t always have […]

Fruit of Haiti: Goodness

He sat on the floor barely moving or talking.  A small square of carpet, no bigger than the size of an average kitchen table in America, was his playground.  A few toys littered the carpet, and several of his more lively counterparts who shared this modest piece of real estate delighted in taking the toys […]

What does Jordan Spieth have to do with the fruit of Haiti?

I just finished watching the Final Round of the British Open Golf Tournament.  Besides hoping to see Jordan Spieth make history by becoming the first player in 62 years to win his first three majors of the year, (along with all of Twitterdom and America, it seems), I love to watch golf.  And it’s also […]

Fruits of Haiti: Patience.

The sun was barely hovering above the horizon as the plane crept slowly along the tarmac awaiting take-off.  In the 45 minutes it took to make its way to the runway, I dozed in my seat, my head bobbing involuntarily toward my chest.  In my half-conscious state, I realized we were finally gathering speed.  40, […]

Making sense of my Mission to Haiti

Since my return from Haiti just over 2 weeks ago, I feel like all I’ve done is sit in my backyard watching the antics of the the hummingbirds drinking nectar from my flowers and geckos dancing along my wall. Oh and tending to our new puppy! (Who’s idea was that?) Honestly, I think I have […]