When God says Go, we can’t say No.

What I learned about obedience from serving in a natural disaster

I made the fated phone call on the long drive home from dropping my daughter at college to begin her Freshman year. In hindsight, maybe my timing wasn’t the best!  I was drained physically and emotionally – goodness knows we’d been preparing for that day for the better part of a year.  What I wanted […]

The Faces of Haiti

reflections on a mission trip to Haiti

His face was smudged with dirt.  He wore a red and blue striped shirt and no pants. When I stepped off the truck, he immediately engaged me in a childlike version of patty cake.  Because of the language barrier, I used only my hands to show him the mechanics of how to cross our arms […]

For what is it your time?

For over a decade, I have fought against the notion that I’m not good enough.  As a stay at home Mom, and wannabe author and very part-time speaker, if you named it, I felt like I didn’t have it— experience, graduate education, know-how, accolades, awards, degrees.   As a woman in the Christian Speaking World, […]

What I learned from a dying woman in Haiti.

Her frail body lay motionless, but I could not mistake the pleading in her eyes.  Her arms were no larger than the width of two of my fingers side by side.  I could have fit both of her ankles in the singular grasp of just one of my hands.  I could feel every single one […]

The Thief of Comparison

It’s not news to anyone that we spend inordinate amounts of time online these days…which can lead to dissatisfaction with our own lives in comparison to the false perceptions of someone’s reality (however carefully chosen).  There are times I am set free when I see a post or photo of a friend without make up […]

Love Your Neighbor Soup… and my secret ingredient.

In my recent vlog about why you need to love your neighbor, I promised I would tell you how!  One of the ways I love my neighbor that’s proven the most successful is to bring them food.  Whether they have had surgery, death of a loved one, a new baby, a new house, a bad day, I’ve never yet found a […]