It’s not about the chocolate.

3 ways to love your mate, your neighbor, your squad

Whether you fall prey to the romance of Valentine’s Day—or despise the very same—at the heart of it is the expression of love from one to another. As an expressive person in general, I like the notion of Valentine’s day as a time set apart to tell or show people that I love them. So […]

When tragedy strikes, Alongside is a valuable tool.

after death of student, a college community comes alongside

The phone rang late on a weeknight, and I heard my son’s cracked voice on the other end of the line.  “Mom, a sophomore girl at school took her life tonight.”  The words just hung there as I tried to process this tragic news.  My thoughts immediately went to her parents—oh the sorrow! My son […]

When God says Go, we can’t say No.

What I learned about obedience from serving in a natural disaster

I made the fated phone call on the long drive home from dropping my daughter at college to begin her Freshman year. In hindsight, maybe my timing wasn’t the best!  I was drained physically and emotionally – goodness knows we’d been preparing for that day for the better part of a year.  What I wanted […]


being fully present in the beginnings, endings, joy and sorrow of May

The month of May is a blessing and a curse.  I’m guessing you have the same love hate relationship with it as me.  On one hand there is so much to celebrate: graduations, birthdays, end of school, beginnings of bright new futures.  But there’s so much to do!  With all the events, tasks and occasions it’s […]

When Fixing it is Not the Answer

How to support the people you love

don't fix it

It’s hard to believe we have lived in New Mexico for almost five years, and that my second child is graduating from High School in four weeks.  When we first moved here it was hard for my kids to adjust.  I remember vividly many days of sorrow, and each of them having their “moments.”  As […]

3 Qualities of a Great “Neighbor”

loving your neighbor

I once had a neighbor who worked full time during the days, and I was a stay-at-home mom. Our paths hardly ever crossed for conversation, until I realized she got the mail at the same time every day.  Instead of rushing to the mailbox moments after the postman delivered my mail in the middle of […]