The end of ourselves.

Guest post for (in)courage online magazine

  I’ll never forget the day of my dad’s funeral. I was slated to deliver one of two eulogies in his honor. Never had I felt so depleted—physically, emotionally or spiritually. As the service progressed, I wasn’t entirely sure I’d be able to walk to the front of the church, much less deliver my remarks […]

Sowing in tears.

A letter to all the mamas sending kids off to college.

Dear precious friend and mama, I see you.  In the aisles of Target conversing with your daughter as she pleads with you to buy her that frivolous fuzzy pillow, that designer comforter and every “dorm room must have” on the end caps throughout the store. I see you.  In the aisles of Bed, Bath, and […]

The Faces of Haiti

reflections on a mission trip to Haiti

His face was smudged with dirt.  He wore a red and blue striped shirt and no pants. When I stepped off the truck, he immediately engaged me in a childlike version of patty cake.  Because of the language barrier, I used only my hands to show him the mechanics of how to cross our arms […]

3 Qualities of a Great “Neighbor”

loving your neighbor

I once had a neighbor who worked full time during the days, and I was a stay-at-home mom. Our paths hardly ever crossed for conversation, until I realized she got the mail at the same time every day.  Instead of rushing to the mailbox moments after the postman delivered my mail in the middle of […]

Do you want to be Known?

A review of Michele Cushatt's new book, I Am

If I’m honest, I will tell you there is a hidden part of me that often screams like a two year old trying to get her parent’s attention, “Look at me! Do you see me? Are you proud of me?”  I wish I didn’t have this deep-seated, self-centered, approval-seeking character flaw. Wish even more I […]